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    a gallery by Edmund Tham (one of the World's Top 9 WPJA Wedding Photographers in 2008). This gallery is an extension of our office and functions as a place to showcase our masterpieces. Beside that, this gallery also doubles up as a creative place for friends / photographers to gather and share their thoughts together.

    Edmund is a graphic design graduate with years of experience in the advertising and events management industry whose love for photography began during his teenage years while working as an assistant at a photography studio. This love affair blossomed over the years and breathed life to eGallery. Edmund believes that great photography goes beyond skilled hands and technical know-how. Most importantly, it requires an expressive mind, a keen eye and a kindred heart to grasp the finer details, thus revealing emotions that speak volumes. My vision is simple: to boost the level of Malaysian wedding photography making it on par with international standards.

    For further enquiries, please contact Edmund Tham at +6012 3166 995 or email us at

AGWPJA Q3 Winning Shots…

AGWPJA Q3 result annouced this morning, i waked up by a SMS from one of our AGWPJA member Edwin Tan. He is the one who told me i got big win in the contest. I jumped out the bed and run to my work station and launch AGWPJA website and check the results. Wow… I got 4 awards this round with First place, 7th place, 8th place & 9th place. I’m so glad and want to share the winning photos with you guys…

First Place in Ceremony Category, AGWPJA Q3 2010

Judges Comment: A beautiful, yet simple photograph. The bride’s joy resonates in her face. The texture of the veil and the warm tones makes this work. It’s a moment in time set aside to enjoy later. It’s also a very good use of a long lens at a wedding ceremony.

7th Place in Creative Portrait of Bride Alone, AGWPJA Q3 2010

Judges Comment: It’s a nice portrait of the bride that also captures a great sense of place. The toning is exceptional; it brings out the bride and establishes an enchanting mood.

8th Place in Sense of Place / Acchitecture Category, AGWPJA Q3 2010

Judges Comment: A very untraditional photograph that surprises the viewer. The photo retains tremendous detail in all areas but it is still easy to interpret. Rugged, and alluring.

9th Place in Musicians Category, AGWPJA Q3 2010

Judges Comment: A competent image of a trio of musicians. Nice moment. Better framing would have helped it.

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