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    a gallery by Edmund Tham (one of the World's Top 9 WPJA Wedding Photographers in 2008). This gallery is an extension of our office and functions as a place to showcase our masterpieces. Beside that, this gallery also doubles up as a creative place for friends / photographers to gather and share their thoughts together.

    Edmund is a graphic design graduate with years of experience in the advertising and events management industry whose love for photography began during his teenage years while working as an assistant at a photography studio. This love affair blossomed over the years and breathed life to eGallery. Edmund believes that great photography goes beyond skilled hands and technical know-how. Most importantly, it requires an expressive mind, a keen eye and a kindred heart to grasp the finer details, thus revealing emotions that speak volumes. My vision is simple: to boost the level of Malaysian wedding photography making it on par with international standards.

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Willie & Cheryl, Perth (SDE)

Willie & Cheryl wedding is the most unforgettable trip for me after i had been to so many places for shooting. I been through all the cancellation of flights, flight re-timed. After changed of 3 airlines, finally reach the destination. This is my second time to Perth, i was there on June 2010 for Cheryl sister Stephanie & Ken Wedding. Is my pleasure to be there for both sisters wedding in a year. Willie & Cheryl is a wonderful couple, they are friendly and hospitality. They really put a lot affords on their wedding, they start planning their wedding one year ahead to every details. I can confirm that their wedding itinerary is the most details itinerary i had received so far. There is like 4 pages and every details are stated there. The wedding finally done and now they enjoying their honey moon in Europe. Once again, i would like to express my deepest appreciations on their hospitality and warm welcome.

Here is the Same Day Edit that i done for the lovely couple… enjoy…

L i k e   U s   o n   F B
G r e a t   N e w s