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Gallery - Actual Day Photographer

Photography Service

Photo shooting is all about capturing images of memorable moments in one’s life. e-gallery is proud to present our services of wedding photography to couples who are tying the knot. As an award winning professional photographer, Edmund Tham has established a company which is especially catered in providing services in wedding photography.

Edmund Tham is a professional wedding photographer as well as wedding day photographer. His determination in the art of photography was made since many years ago that we are able to enjoy the fantastic photo shooting services from e-gallery.

Actual Day Photographer

Over the years, Edmund Tham has performed various works of wedding photography shooting for numerous customers. As a wedding photographer, we shoot photographs of every angle during the amazing the event of any wedding ceremony. These photographs are excellent keep of treasure especially for the family as something to treasure and cherish.

Let the joy and happiness of every moment during this wonderful day of wedding to be captured in the form of photographs and also in mind. e-gallery has the experience and skilled in this area and photographs taking in a non-obstructive manner during the wedding event.

We make this important day as a record with photographs of fun, love and joy. We are the professional wedding day photographer which takes photo shooting seriously and passionately.