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    a gallery by Edmund Tham (one of the World's Top 9 WPJA Wedding Photographers in 2008). This gallery is an extension of our office and functions as a place to showcase our masterpieces. Beside that, this gallery also doubles up as a creative place for friends / photographers to gather and share their thoughts together.

    Edmund is a graphic design graduate with years of experience in the advertising and events management industry whose love for photography began during his teenage years while working as an assistant at a photography studio. This love affair blossomed over the years and breathed life to eGallery. Edmund believes that great photography goes beyond skilled hands and technical know-how. Most importantly, it requires an expressive mind, a keen eye and a kindred heart to grasp the finer details, thus revealing emotions that speak volumes. My vision is simple: to boost the level of Malaysian wedding photography making it on par with international standards.

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Why Personal Branding are Important?

As a professional business headshot photographer as you may imagine, I get some interesting looks after I explain what I do for a living. At networking events, friend’s weddings or just about any other social gathering where I meet someone new I get the typical reaction of bewilderment along with the often-repeated questions of “that’s your whole job? You don’t do weddings or family photos?!”. This is usually followed by a lot of questions related to how I can have an entire photography studio dedicated to corporate portraits and why it’s so important to so many people.

Digital Era

We have now entered a time where you are most likely going to meet someone online before ever seeing them in person, if you meet them in person at all. You want their impression to reflect on you positively rather than neutral or negatively. Putting a face to a name also gives a more human connection between yourself and others alleviating some of the cold impersonality digital interactions lend themselves to. If your photo is going to play this role, you need it to be high quality and reflect on you positively.


As much as we want to believe that people look for the good in others and what is on the inside counts most, we must be realistic. Those who look the most put together and attractive get the most attention. It is a sad reality but it’s been shown through scientific studies. A professional portrait will help you because a highly skilled photographer will work with you to get your best angles and poses so you can put your best face forward.

Stand Out in a Crowd

In a crowded market, you want to stand out. Where ever your photo is displayed, you will want to show a high-quality portrait; it will instantly put you at an advantage over those who used a cellphone snap or an outdated cheesy portrait.

You want to Look Professional

Your portrait should reflect your industry standard. If you are a lawyer in Toronto, a cellphone portrait certainly won’t cut it. Same goes with Professors, Realtors, Accountants, Executives, and Medical Professionals. Looking professional means hiring professionals. If you want to give others confidence in your business, it means showing you are professional in all aspects.

Customers and Employers Care About your Profile Photo.

When both job hunting and trying to close the deal with new clients, how well you present yourself matters, you want to give the impression that you take pride in yourself and that you know what quality means and that going the extra mile makes a difference. Presenting yourself half-heartedly or semi-professionally can impact how much trust a potential employer or a client has for you.

Celebrating Virginia & Chee Mun Wedding

Chief Photographer : Edmund Tham

Assistant Photographer : Kok Han Lin

Make up Artist : Li Wei

Cinematography : Biglens Studio

Why Food Photography Is Important for Your Restaurant Website and Menu

The visual appeal of food is undeniable. In a menu, pictures of food are the most important thing. But why hire a food photographer when you can just rely on your smartphone for menu photography? Because the quality you need to sell more can only come from a professional photographer. Taking pictures of food is not as easy as it seems. Professional food photography brings a lot to the table, from the expertise to the talent and the artistic eye, among others. We tell you why food photography is important and how you can benefit from it on your website and menu.

It makes a fantastic first impression

You know what they say about first impressions: they stick. And you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a lousy label, so strive to make a great first impression online. It all starts with your website, where images should speak for themselves.

Their function should be to draw the customers’ attention, whet their appetite, and trigger visual hunger. If their first contact with you is with your high-quality, mouth-watering photos, they’ll remember your restaurant.

It increases sales

A good photo can sell a product. Look at the juicy, perfectly-shaped burger below. Wouldn’t you want to buy it? Now, look at the burger next to it. Although it might taste just as good, the bad quality, angle, and composition of the photo will probably deter you from buying it.

Photos allow you to advertise your dishes in multiple ways. You can choose to feature a professional photo of each meal, or you can highlight your most profitable and popular dishes with exceptional images.

That way, customers will be more inclined to order them as opposed to the others because the image will draw their attention. Similarly, you can highlight dishes your chef is famous for, or your specials and promotions.

It builds a brand and tells a story

As a restaurant owner, you have the chance to control how the world perceives your restaurant. You are in control of what you show and what image you put out to the world. Professional food photos can help you build a brand that stands out and shapes your restaurant identity.

The photos should reflect who you are. If your restaurant is classy and sophisticated, the photos should look more like the one below.

It builds trust and credibility

The phrase “what you see is what you get” comes to mind when we think about the importance of food photography in today’s world. Customers like knowing what they’re going to get. Surprises may be pleasant, but seldom when it comes to food. Having professional food photos on your website and menu shows professionalism and creates trust.

However, be careful not to oversell and overpromise only to disappoint when the customer gets the actual meal. Even if the food photographer uses tricks to make the photo look good, it shouldn’t be that different from the real dish. Some food styling tricks might be a bit extreme.

It’s a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs

You need to make an initial investment in a professional food photo shoot done by a restaurant photographer. However, here’s why food photography is important: the photos you’ll get will be useful in all sorts of ways. The most immediate and profitable use is to add them to your website and menu.

Then, you can also use them for food photography marketing. You already know the importance of images in advertising is undeniable. Post them on social media to attract followers, use them in ads to get more website clicks, or integrate them in flyers advertising your latest promotions. You can even upload them to directories like TripAdvisor and Zomato to get more customers to choose you over the competition.

Are you a beginner to photography for social media? You need to consider the type of camera you’re going to use, the composition, exposure, light, angles and spacing, as well as storytelling and editing.

It helps with SEO

Good SEO can boost your restaurant website to the first page of Google – where everybody wants to be. There are two reasons why food photography is important when it comes to SEO. First, photos make articles more appealing and easier to read. Users are more likely to click on an article that features a good picture. More website clicks mean more traffic, which in turn leads to a higher ranking.

The second SEO benefit of food photography is that you can optimize the images to get more visibility. Adding a relevant, keyword-based alternative text to every image will make it more easily discoverable in search engines.

It increases conversions

With increased sales come increased conversions. A photo-based menu will convert more than one based only on text. Eyes eat before the mouth, and professional pictures in menus will make your customers feel like they’re already tasting the dish. Just picture a restaurant menu without any pictures. Boring, isn’t it?

It makes the customer’s choice easier

It’s significantly more challenging to decide between, say, three dishes if you have no idea how any of them look. Make it easier for customers to choose by providing feeling hungry pictures for every menu item. The only danger now would be that they can’t decide because they all look delicious, but that shouldn’t be a problem for you 🙂

Kok Wei & Yuen Key Pre Wedding

1) FRIM Kepong
2) 33 Blueroom

Photography by: Edmund Tham
Make up & Hair Styling: Sassha Ang

Debbie & Johan , Jeeva Saba, Bali Wedding

A wedding on new year eve? Sounds a bit odd but that’s normal case in Bali. Debbie & Johan choose new year eve for wedding is to celebrate wedding and new year with their wedding party and yet their loved ones in Bali. They held the wedding at Jeeva Saba (a private villa) for the event to make sure all their guests can stay and enjoy until the last drop of wine is served.

On their big day, fairies danced wearing rubber flip-flops and butterflies sprung out of seashells showing the wind how to fly. The event end with beautiful fireworks at 12 midnight. Happy New Year… From start to finish, this jolly occasion radiates warmth and intimacy. Everyone has already flown thousands of miles from home, not only for the wedding, but also to spend an extra day or week for holiday.

L i k e   U s   o n   F B
G r e a t   N e w s