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WPPI Press Release of 3X Accolades of Excellence for 2010 AOE 16 X 20 Print Competition

Received the below press release news from WPPI last week on my 3x accolades of excellence on WPPI 2010 16×20 print competition. It was in the midnight of 2 to 3 am, I was still working on the photo retouching. I received MSN from Louis Pang and got to know that i got 3 Accolades of Excellence in the […]

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Sneak Preview on Pravin & Naesh Wedding…

Pravin & Naesh engaged me for Wedding Portrait and Wedding Day photography service. The Wedding Portrait took place in Bali and they are my first Indian Wedding Portraits shoot. Here are some of the Preview of  their Wedding Portraits and Wedding Day photos… More to come soon once the touch up ready…

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Angie & Antonio, Penang

One from Malaysia, the other from Spain but Angie and Antonio met in Sydney, Australia, during the summer of 2005.  At first it was only a business encounter.  Little did they know that it would be the most important one of their lives.  Just over a year later, Antonio and Angie were going through very […]

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Brian & Soo Yee, Sydney

I was in Sydney, Australia end of last year to shoot the wedding portrait of  Brian & Soo Yee. I still remember that is my last day in Sydney, we start from early morning until the minute i step into the airport. Our shooting session attracted some onlookers wishes them and some wanted to take some photos with my beautiful bride and handsome groom.  Here […]

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WPJA Q4 2009 Contest Result

10th Place in Creative Portrait Category JUDGES COMMENTS: I’m not really quite sure what to say about this photo. It wasn’t until the second time I saw the photo that I caught a little something extra. And then I got a little something else. And again, and again, and again and again. This photo is […]

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