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    Edmund is a graphic design graduate with years of experience in the advertising and events management industry whose love for photography began during his teenage years while working as an assistant at a photography studio. This love affair blossomed over the years and breathed life to eGallery. Edmund believes that great photography goes beyond skilled hands and technical know-how. Most importantly, it requires an expressive mind, a keen eye and a kindred heart to grasp the finer details, thus revealing emotions that speak volumes. My vision is simple: to boost the level of Malaysian wedding photography making it on par with international standards.

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Pravin & Naesh Wedding

I know Pravin at Suresh & Rubini’s Wedding back in Feb 2009. He is a very nice & friendly guy and we have a nice chat about everything, by that time he already start planning to make the proposal to his girlfriend (Naesh). He told me that i will be his first choice for his official wedding photographer in future. After few months, i received a call and get to know that his getting married with Naesh.

Pravin & Naesh hired me for wedding portrait and of course the wedding day service as well. We all went to Bali for the Wedding Portraits shoot. Honestly, Pravin & Naesh is my FIRST Indian wedding portraits couple. I never shoot any Indian couple portraits before, at first i quite worry about that. Once we click start, i found out that all my pressure gone, they are too friendly able to do all the stunts for me to captured all the brilliant pictures. Same to the wedding day shoot, they just trust me and gave me a lot of freedom on my creativity. I would like to say a big thanks for this amazing couple.

I would like to share with you the love story about this lovely couple… all information provided by Pravin… enjoy.

“….I first laid eyes on Naesh on 19th December 2007 at KL International Airport. We were on our way for a 10 day holiday tour to Egypt. I was there with my family and 2 friends while Naesh came with her close friend. I was scouting around to see who are the cool youths that I will be spending the next 10 days with and that is when I spotted her from a distance and I thought to myself ..”hhmm… hot chic” …haha and that was it.

We checked in and boarded our flight. I slept off on the way there as I had a long day at work. My friend was busy going around chatting with the others. We landed and checked into Alexandria Green Plaza Hotel and I was introduced to Naesh in the lift on our way up to our respective hotel room. After a couple of days, We started sitting together during our tours in the coach. Due to our different backgrounds and influences, we had soo many things to share and talk about. Things got exciting when we were on the Nile River Cruise. All of us had a good time playing games and chit-chatting resulting in us forming a tight-knit group. 

10 days flew by soo fast and the next thing we knew, we were already back in KL. Both of us felt soo lost upon returning home. This is when we realised the strength of bond we had. We then used to talk on the phone for hours almost every day and that kicked started our love life together….. and now after 2 years… we are happily married 🙂 ……”

Here are some of the highlights of the wedding portraits in Bali and also wedding day photos…

Here i would like to share with you the Same Day Edit Slidshow on the wedding day, enjoy…

Pravin & Naesh Wedding Day Slidehow from fansclub on Vimeo.

Chief Photographer: Edmund Tham assisted by Edwin Tan

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